There are three things I consider foundational to who I am as a person. 

1. I live for Jesus. 
2. I love Matt more than anything else on earth.
3. I operate under the assumption that love and humor make anything and everything better. Even (and especially) the tough stuff. 

But there are other things about me too. Maybe less foundational but definitely pieces of my personality & life happenings that might give insight into who I am. 

- I have an affinity for exclamation points. In writing! And in speaking! 
- I was in something called "Algebra Jail" (instituted by my rocket-scientist dad) for most of my high-school years. It worked. I sailed through math classes in college. Thanks dad. 
- If I could start my life over, I would do everything exactly the same so I could be here, now, on a journey to Mini Oho with the love of my life.
- I once won a "Witty Winner Award" from my peers in the wedding industry and, no, I promise I didn't award myself that title but I'm jealous I hadn't thought of it previously. 
- I could spend entire days getting lost in art museums. This also happens to be one of Matt's worst nightmares.
- I volunteer as a mentor for middle school students and I'm not sure who deemed me qualified to do that but hopefully my mentee agrees with them (and never asks me for help with math homework because PTSD is a real thing).