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A small disclaimer before we start…writing a personal bio is HARD and cheating off your wife’s superior bio doesn’t seem like the example I want to set for any future Oho.  So, please give me a little grace. 

In short, if I had to summarize myself in only three words,  they would be dedicated, easy going and fun-loving. Not enough? Well then, I guess we will have to do this the hard way. 

In long, each of those words describes a core value in my life that I one day hope to pass along to the next generation of Oho.

Dedicated. When I say I’m dedicated, it means I’m completely and totally committed to my God, my Melissa, my friends, and my family.  I don’t love all of them equally, right now God and Melissa take spots one and two, but the the rest follow pretty closely.  I would do anything for the people I love. 

Easy Going. Like writing a bio, life is hard! I’ve found that worrying about the little things in life just isn’t worth it, so I try not to let them get to me. 

Fun-loving. I work hard.  It’s a characteristic that my parents instilled in me since I was little. I would have listed it as one of the big three, but who wants to describe themselves as hard working over fun loving?  However, because I work hard, I want to have just as much fun in and out of the office.  I laugh just as much at work, as I do at home and I want everyone to share in that laughter regardless of where I am or who I’m with. 

Other fun facts:

  • I have a degree in law. It’s actually what brought us to Minnesota.
  • I may or may not be a complete geek when it comes to super heroes, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek. 
  • I have a love/hate relationship with home projects and all things carpentry.
  • One day I hope to dedicate my career to pro bono cases, full time.