No. 5 // Coping (Exclamation Point)!

Over Christmas we experienced our first potential adoption match fall through. 


I'll write about it one day when I have some distance and perspective but it probably goes without saying that the whole thing created some intense feelings.


Today's post is infinitely more upbeat than what went down over Christmas. And it's nerdy. Which are like my two favorite things in life. 

Since we got back home from the holidays, the Oho House has been getting a deep clean - the depths of which it hasn't seen before - and my non-professional diagnosis is that this is my regular New-Year-Clean-House mojo combined with some next level COPING(!). And man, oh man, is it doing excellent things for my sanity. 

Matt will tell you that anytime life feels out of control, my way of dealing with it is to put order to the pieces of life that are within my control and while I've always been an organizer (the fact that I didn't have to buy a label maker for this latest project because I already owned one might tell you all you need to know about that), three (plus) years of living in any one place breeds some areas where organizational systems either failed or weren't followed (invite me to your party; I'm the fun one). And that left so many areas of our house that, while functioning, weren't exactly living their best lives. 

Enter a Melissa, fresh off a new devastation, label maker in hand, the Container Store website on her laptop and now, just shy of one month into the New Year, I've already tornado'd through the kitchen, mudroom, my office, closets, bathrooms, guest rooms, garage and am knee-deep in the major organizational project that is our basement with eyes forward on refining my business processes and goals. 

So, If you're anything like me or need a healthy distraction from your current situation OR just want to jump on the New Year, New You bandwagon, here are a few of my very, very favorite tools of home organization - all tried, tested and loved by this girl. 

Organization Style Board.jpg

1. Spice Drawer Insert
We used to keep our spices in the cabinet next to the stove and while it worked in the beginning, the more we tried new & fun recipes and accumulated new spices, the less awesome it was. I would have to dig and pull out 20 other spices before finding the one I wanted originally and, I am telling you, nobody got time for that. Enter this drawer insert and it is a beautiful, glorious thing.

2. Label Maker
I actually had this label maker for about a year before really pulling it out and putting it to use and now there isn't a closet or drawer in my house that is safe from being labeled to death.  

3. Glass Spice Jars
With the addition of the drawer insert, it only made sense (says the girl with the love of organizing) for the spices to be uniform. It's 100% unnecessary but goodness, does it ever make my heart sing to open the drawer and see pretty spices lined up in a row. 

4. Heavy Duty Shelving
It is truly the blessed law of science & physics that converts an unfinished basement, filled with boxes as far as the eye can see, back into a tidy, open space with just a few 18 inch deep shelving units along the walls. Three cheers for storage that goes vertical. 

5. Ana White's Easy & Fast DIY Garage Shelves
Speaking of vertical storage... Matt and I tackled this DIY project one Sunday after church and not only was it truly easy & fast but it also created some much needed garage organization. 

6. elfa Cabinet-Sized Easy Glider
I'm a fangirl of ALL the elfa products but these easy gliders, especially, have my heart. Almost every sink in the house has one of these in the cabinet below and it solves the age-old question of WHERE DID THE TOILET CLEANER GO (oh, it's in the very back of the cabinet). 

7. Baskets with Handles
We have a few of these baskets peppered around the house and I adore them but this isn't limited to just these specific baskets. It's dedicated to my love of this multi-functional decorative storage that holds anything from toilet paper to dog toys to bags of various pastas or sugars in the pantry equally well. I could write a love sonnet about my love for baskets but since that's weird, I won't. (Or at least I won't publish it publicly.) 

8. Nordic Storage Baskets
My love for these particular baskets is very specific. They are well made and functional but with that bamboo top, they become stackable and are almost too beautiful to hide in the closet. 

Melissa Oholendt