No. 3 // Update


December 14th. 

A few hours ago I got the approval of Draft Two (of three) of our Birth Mom Letter from our agency with very minor tweaks to go. This letter is the last piece of intensive, get-it-done homework before we are officially listed as a Waiting Family on the agency website and wait to be picked by a Birth Mom. 

Those of you who know me, know that I have some (ok, fine, many) perfectionist tendencies. They flare up in three big areas of my life - gift wrapping (I wish I were kidding and yes, this is a big area of my life - no judgment), our home and, most applicable to the adoption process, my intense desire for everything to be set/designed/in-place before launching a new project. 

I've gotten better at coaching myself through the crushing moments of perfectionism, usually in the fetal position and chanting the words, "done is better than perfect, done is better than perfect", but then there are days like today. When we're 90% of the way done and ready to go but all I want is for someone in an authority position to come by to tell me that I've made it that last 10%.

Which is why I'm really glad I mailed off 150 Christmas cards, announcing our adoption (and this website), yesterday. Because done is better than perfect and God knows I am not perfect. 

So, if you're here as a result of that card? 

Hi. Welcome. 

We're seriously so happy to be sharing in this with you. 


Melissa Oholendt2 Comments