A home filled with love, joy &
two crazy (but amazingly sweet) dogs.

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Recent Notes


A book-obsessed attorney who makes sure the yard stays mowed and loves a good superhero movie.

Quick Facts

  • Born in Utah but has lived all over the United States.
  • Loves Melissa (obviously), reading many, many books, his tight-knit family, Jesus, traveling, asparagus (for real) and Gunnar & Charlie (the dogs).
  • Can name all of the Marvel & DC superheroes. Just ask him. 

A wedding photographer who is constantly rearranging the furniture and singing theme songs for Gunnar & Charlie.

Quick Facts

  • Grew up in Utah but considers Minnesota home.
  • Loves Matt (duh), interior design, the Yellow Ninjas (the dogs), her hilarious & rowdy family, organizing (really), mountains, nicknames (see Yellow Ninjas) and Jesus.
  • Is known to start a road-trip dance party, just to pass the time. 

People We Paid to Say Nice Things. (JK.) 

Love is in no short supply with Matt and Melissa. It’s at the foundation of everything they do and is elemental in how they treat everyone around them. They will undoubtedly be the most incredible parents anyone could ever ask for!
— Matthew & Lizzie, Melissa's brother & sister-in-law (and parents to Liam!)
Sharing various seasons of life with Matt & Melissa, we’ve witnessed one, particular constant in them, both as individuals and a couple: their character, especially their selfless love. It didn’t matter the time or situation — they were there.

This was on display after the birth of our daughter when, despite just receiving news of their infertility, they arrived at our house, bags of groceries in hand, and cooked us a meal. It’s small things like this that reveal the vastness of their love.

We have no doubt that the love they will show their future Oho will far surpass anything we have seen!
— Stephanie & John, close friends (and mom & dad to Haddie)